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>haiii! welcome to my room!! ☆

「 about homeworld... 」

Lil' Homeworld is a site full of dawn and pillows, where one can be themselves and settle all the misfires pinging around in the mindscape.

Sometimes we just have to scratch the itch.

(Don't worry about my Neocities views please!! I love to come here and just look at my own site and update. Wish I could get rid of those numbers!)

> you relax on the soft sheets... ☆ 」
how do the sheets feel? what color are they? what does it smell like....? probably all of your favorites.

where do you go in homeworld? you relax. you breathe. you laugh. it is a place like no other. you could blog all night or sleep all day. you could enjoy your shadows, only if you wanted. everything waits for you, just as it always had.

> your heart doesn't stray far... 」

there are a lot a little things here and there that interest me. enjoy your stay in my little room, oki?

this site is best viewed on desktop at 1920 x 1080! i'll optimize it for phone someday.

> chatbox!!... 」

updates ☆

  • 「5/15/2023」: Made a digital stickerbook page in the junkbook. Slowly still adding deco to my about me every now and then.
  • 「4/29/2023」: Added to the About page! Also made the dream log page, which replaced 'favorites'.
  • 「4/26/2023」: Finished the site's sitemap. Dang.
  • 「4/24/2023」: Updated my diary! Also made my first entry.
  • 「4/23/2023」: Trying to make all the directory links actually link to a page. lolz.
  • 「4/22/2023」: Added to the shrine page! Also working on an about me, hopefully soon.
  • 「4/17/2023」: Made a directory header, fixing/adding images with lil decos I like. Still trying to spruce up this homepage to my standards.
  • 「4/07/2023」: Changed the calendar, didn't like the scrollbar it was giving me. Also added more images and info text to this main page.
  • 「3/27/2023」: Added images homepage in a lot of places. Slowly trying to make this homepage organized with the things I want.
  • 「3/22/2023」: I started this neocities page, in hopes to have a fun online outlet for myself.
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    04 : 17 AM

    to do list...

    - start taking photos for my digital stickerbook
    - make button icons for directory, figure out how to put an image linked there (hover elements!)
    - continue working on about page!
    - figure out what else to put in columns on about page
    - decide if i want to keep the diary page (it may need more sprucing)
    - make a last.fm to keep track of my music