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hello dereee.
the cutest alive / the part - time angel, sometimes devil

i am someone with T1D, chronic fatigue/depression, adhd & cptsd. i talk about my mental health & physical health often on this site.

i do not let this define all i am!!
i am so very proud of myself for being here.


what's up with da webmiss?

- mood -
The current mood of exiocide at www.imood.com

currently watching:
catching up on one piece! finally building to the climax of wano
currently reading:
repeat after me- claudia black (therapist recc)
currently playing:
thinking about:
my body. i'm so sleepy. lately i'm just thinking on how i can take care of my body in healthy ways.
other assorted thoughts:
i need to focus on not spending too much time coding/on social media. it provides too much energy! i need to use that to eat and take care of myself.

highlighted page:
about the webmaster// about me, when it's finished lmao.


{what i like!}

- watching anime
- watching true crime content
- silly reality tv
- listening to podcasts
- journaling
- scrapbooking
- doing my makeup
- makeup tutorials
- future funk music
- spotify
- tiktok
- reading fanfiction
- making pastries
- decorating in general
- character creator in any game
- drawing
- dressing up cute/basic fashion
- cute things
- playing video games
- playing video games with my friends
- whimsigoth fashion
- being pragmatic
- astrology

{my fav games!}

- the legend of zelda: the windwaker
- dragon age origins
- the world ends with you
- okami
- overwatch
- skullgirls
- bioshock

{more fun facts!}

i used to play a lot more games but since my energy levels aren't the same, so now i just have a couple i frequent. overwatch, dbd, apex, & arcade fighting games.

my hobbies and interests are influenced a lot by my mood and energy level.

i am an artist and have a lot of original characters, even made a website for them.

i get exhausted easily, but i try hard to do things despite my body feeling fatigue.

i've picked up scrapbooking and love to collect.

truthfully i'm a pretty big kirby fan. always have always will.

i'm quiet and sit on discord a lot, and i do not feel bad for it!

zodiac: capricorn
fav colors: purple, light blue, black, gray
mbti: infp
other stuff: type i diabetic, cptsd, adhd + autistic

- current comforts -

- watching and continuing one piece
- being warm
- taking walks
- doing my makeup
- listening to music (esp. my favorite songs)
- reader y/n fanfic lolz
- optimistic nihilism... let's call it hopecore
- serendipity

they're just like me fr!!!

other characters:
- Catra (Shera: Princesses of Power)
- Pitou (Hunter x Hunter)
- Etna (Disgaea)
- Shidou Hikaru (Magic Knights Rayearth)
- Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)
- Wanda Maximoff (Marvel)
- Denji (Chainsaw Man)
- Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
- Tsuyu Asui (Boku No Hero Academia)

my stamp collection

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not sure what to put here lol!

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